Paul McClain

Paul  McClain

Paul McClain, of Mansfield, Ohio passed away on January 25, 2022, at the age of 69.

He is survived by his wife, Helen McNamara. Paul and Helen demonstrated devotion and support to each other over their 30 years of marriage. Paul knew he got the better deal and was not shy about admitting it. Paul is also survived by his brother, Phil (Beth) McClain; sister, Marcia Dievendorf;, along with many brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law and cherished friends. Paul was well known as the “favorite uncle” among his nieces and nephews. Paul was preceded in death by his parents, Jack and Pauline McClain and brother-in-law, Richard Dievendorf.

To know Paul was to love Paul and he will be remembered as someone who showed up. He showed up for life’s journey and he showed up for those he loved and cared about. Paul lived a rich and varied life with many adventures, accomplishments and contributions to the arts, politics, and his community. Paul graduated from Mansfield Senior High School in 1970 and attended North Central State College. He was a self-taught artist and began painting around the age of 15. Paul knew painting would define his life’s work after viewing an Andrew Wyeth piece during a 1954 visit with his parents to the Toledo Museum of Art. Paul’s business began in 1992. His work includes original oil paintings, watercolors, and limited edition prints of Kingwood Gardens, Coney Island, Mohican Bridge, Shelby Insurance and the Malabar Farm Barn Raising. Paul’s murals adorn the Mansfield Fire Museum. His artwork lights up spaces all over the US, Canada and Europe, reminding us of all of his gifts of beauty. Paul described his passion and philosophy for art best stating, “My job is to be awed by the world and nature. I like to use natural colors with very little enhancement, because nature provides an overwhelming array of colors.” Over the last 10 years, Paul participated in juried art shows across 10 states, receiving several awards, including a Best in Show at the Boston Mills Art Show. He also taught art classes at the Richland Academy of Arts, Mansfield Art Center and provided private instruction in his home studio. Paul was an active member of the Mansfield Art Center throughout his life.

Paul had strong convictions and deeply held political beliefs. He was a community activist, helping to organize the 1st Earth Day at Mansfield Senior High School in 1970. Paul believed in the greater good for all and had no tolerance for bullies. Paul never shied away from campaigning for the issues and folks he believed in. Fervent about his politics and thinking big instead of small, he challenged incumbent, Mike Oxley in the 4th Congressional District in both 1996 and 1998. Although he did not win the congressional seat, he gave Oxley a good fight and went onto campaign for other candidates who shared his political beliefs.

Paul is remembered by his family and friends as a dynamic and spirited personality. He was lively and fun loving with a great sense of humor and an infectious smile. Paul was also warm, compassionate, encouraging, and generous. He was a good neighbor and took a genuine interest in others, making everyone feel welcomed. Paul was as authentic as they come and made an impact in other’s lives. He could strike up a conversation with anyone. Paul was a good listener, considered by many to be their favorite person to argue with as he made them think, often pointing out where they were wrong. Paul let you know exactly what was worth
fighting for and he wore those opinions like a badge, just like he wore his Scottish heritage. Slainte Mhath! Here’s to a long life, and a merry one, a quick death, and an easy one, a pretty girl, and an honest one; a stiff whiskey and another one.

Honoring Paul’s love of good food, good drink and a good party, a Celebration of Life will be held at the Mansfield Art Center Pavilion during the summer of 2022. Donations may be made to the Democratic Party.
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