Loyce Merle Tackitt

Loyce Merle Tackitt

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  1. Tim Ballard says:

    OMG… I bought a travel trailer from Merle circa 1979 in L&M mobile home park at 5024 S. Cooper St. Arlington Texas where I lived while I was going to college at UTA. At the time I wasn’t a great negotiator and paid a lot too much but it served me well and I sold it for not much less than I paid so no hard feelings. The only reason I came here is because I saw the name “Tackett” on a facebook listing and it reminded me of Merle and that long-gone, quiet trailer park that’s now been paved over. The only thing remaining from that trailer park is the trees that I planted because I asked the bulldozer operator to spare them. the spot where that trailer sat is a small grassy patch surrounded by pavement, cars and bustle.

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