Four Gift Ideas to Send When Someone Passes

Four Gift Ideas to Send When Someone Passes

When a death occurs, most people immediately think of sending flowers to the bereaved family as a condolence gift. Although flowers are certainly a great option with their beautiful and sentimental significance, other gift ideas can ultimately be even more meaningful. Many people prefer to receive unique or personalized gifts that pay tribute to the loved one they lost in a more profound way. 

In this guide, we will explore four top alternative ideas of gifts to send the bereaved instead of flowers. 

Personalized gift basket

Gift baskets make for very thoughtful and unique funeral gifts. Many prefer these over other popular options given they can be easily tailored to the family of the deceased to honor the loved one who passed. Gift baskets also include a variety of items, offering prolonged use to the bereaved family in their time of need. Personalized gift baskets may include anything from chocolates and flowers to sweet treats and baked goods, and even traditional food related to the family’s culture or make references to the decedent’s favorite things. 

Personalized Bird Feeder

A personalized bird feeder is a very unique option to comfort someone who has recently lost a loved one and usually enjoys outdoor activities like gardening, bird watching, or simply someone who enjoys nature as a whole. Personalized bird feeders offer the deceased lasting joy as it brings a plethora of feathering friends to their backyard – ultimately, offering a sense of hope and new life. These make beautiful gifts to remind those who have lost someone that there is still a lot to live for and hope for. 

Personalized Perfume Bottle. 

There is just something so comforting about certain scents and fragrances that bring us back to a specific time or period we’ll always look back to and cherish. Giving the bereaved and engraved perfume bottle featuring the decedent’s name or a favorite fragrance of the bereaved can go a long way as a gesture of compassion and empathy to offer comfort during an emotionally challenging time. Also, such gifts last for years and continue to carry their enduring meaning.

Living Plants

When offering your condolences to the bereaved, living comfort plants can be a beautiful and considerate option to show your support. Beyond their elegant appearance, they are associated with life and hope, making them meaning. Most plants come in vivid green colors, offering a comforting sense of renewal and wellbeing, paying tribute to the deceased who passed in a tasteful way. When sending living plants as a condolence gift, consider whether the bereaved prefers indoor or outdoor plants, opt for varieties that last for some time and are hypoallergenic. 

Final Thoughts

Deciding what to send to a mourning loved one is not always easy. Funeral gifts are usually very personal and can vary from person to person and across various funeral settings. They can also be often influenced by factors like age, cultural background, how close you might be to the deceased and so much more. When sending a sympathy gift, always take into consideration the deceased’s family customs, likes and dislikes, as well as their personal views of death. While it is acceptable to take the safe route of sending flowers after someone has passed, know that you can opt for a personal approach that may carry with it even more meaning. 

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