Don’t Buy Flowers After a Funeral – Do This Instead

Don’t Buy Flowers After a Funeral – Do This Instead

What can you send when someone dies instead of flowers? A simple, yet many times overwhelming, question that most of us ask ourselves at one point or another after the death of a close one.

Yes, funeral flowers have long been the norm when it comes to funeral gifts etiquette and offering one’s condolences. For decades, they’ve served as a common and practical way to show one’s sympathy and let those mourning know that they remain in our thoughts and prayers. Moreover, despite their beautiful significance and appearance, flowers tend to die, most of them not making it past two days.

Beyond their short lifespan and fading beauty, most bereaved find themselves overwhelmed with floral arrangements after a funeral has passed given the popularity of such as a condolence gift. It’s very likely that you’ve come to this article searching for something more withstanding, unique, and of higher significance to offer as a sympathy gift. Nevertheless,  we’d like to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with sending funeral flowers. Ultimately it comes down to preference, with many of us enjoying the idea of stepping away from traditions or simply offering our loved ones something that requires more thought and emphasizes our intentions.

When a death occurs, sending flowers is most people’s reaction, usually lacking that personal approach many of us desire. In this guide, we hope to cover funeral gift ideas that often stand out for their uniqueness and lasting significance. Here is what you can send your loved ones in lieu of flowers to show your sympathy and condolences.


Although you might still choose to send flowers, you can also consider adding a donation as a form of cooperation for any funeral costs or as financial aid in case the bereaved is experiencing financial difficulties after the death of the deceased. Although any monetary gift in the form of a donation is set to run out at one point or another, unlike flowers that die and leave nothing behind, donations open the door to a myriad of opportunities for those mourning the loss of a loved one. Funeral donations can easily help with any funeral preparations, cover any debt left behind by the deceased, or even help others afford a plane or bus ticket to see a long-distance family member for some comfort and support. You can even consider putting together a group donation and offering it as a collective gift from everyone dear to the bereaved and the deceased.

Personalized Frames

Frames are a creative and unique form to show one’s condolences and remind those we love that we’re thinking about them as they go through the grieving process. Gather something special to the bereaved or even something that belonged to the deceased, something simple yet personal, like their favorite book, a piece of their hair or nails, or simply their favorite quote. Once you’ve found something symbolic and meaningful to the bereaved, you can search for a company specialized in the matter or even learn how to frame it yourself. There are numerous videos online that can help you accomplish this. Ultimately, this will result in a beautiful reminder and memoir of the deceased that the bereaved will have the opportunity to cherish forever.

Memorial Jewelry

Cremation or funeral jewelry is a popular choice for many and often makes lasting and durable memorial gifts. For many, there is something special about a beautiful piece they can wear whenever they feel like honoring and remembering their loved ones. Consider opting for symbolic stones or colors that honor and represent the deceased. There is even a personalized option made to carry a small fraction of the deceased’s ashes if cremated, or even an eyelash if not cremated. As a whole, cremation jewelry often makes elegant and memorable funeral gifts; they’re usually appreciated and hold their significance for more than a lifetime.

Living Plants

As a closing ritual, we have left one of our favorite options for last.  At the top of our condolence gift list, we consider giving a condolence or sympathy plant as a beautiful gesture and a great way to show the family of the deceased that you wish to support them in whatever way you can. Sadly, or perhaps, fortunately, even if plants make simple and affordable funeral gifts that hold meaning and last for years, they remain a fairly underrated gift option. Unlike flowers that have been stripped of their livelihood and usually last no more than a few days, living indoor or outdoor plants make for memorable and beautiful funeral gifts, especially if the deceased enjoyed gardening. Plants bring comfort and oftentimes represent life. Many of them can grow into beautiful trees or offer delicious fruits, and for many, their soil can even become a resting place for their loved one’s ashes.  A sympathy plant is also a beautiful way to honor and symbolize the grieving process. As time continues to pass and the bereaved begin to find themselves growing and gaining new strength, so does a sympathy plant that starts small and slowly grows to reach full maturity and strength. And as they do, they inspire hope and a sense of life wherever they’re to be found. Without a doubt, one of our favorite options to comfort a grieving loved one.

Final Thoughts

The grieving process is different for everyone, and this also applies to what is considered acceptable or offensive concerning funeral and condolence gift etiquettes. Our hope with this guide is for it to offer the perfect sympathy gift for someone you love, or simply ignite the spark to help you think outside the box. If there is anything we’d love for you to take away from it is that you can always consider a more personalized or unique approach when it comes to showing your support and condolences to someone who has recently lost a dear one. And beyond anything else, whether you’d like to send flowers or a homemade gift, don’t forget the real intention. Funeral gifts are never about money or luxury, but always about rightfully honoring and remembering those who have passed and offering some needed comfort to the ones that remain.

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