Silver Bell Garcias

Silver Bell Garcias

Silver, 59, of Twinsburg, OH passed away on December 23 after a horrific battle with

COVID-19, a deadly virus that hit the United States around December 2019.

Silver was born on December 25, 1961 and was the 4th child to Oscar and Nadine Williams born

in Cleveland, OH. Silver’s siblings include O.C Williams Jr. 65, Michael Williams who passed

August 12, 2008 at 50, Rose Williams 63, Nancy Williams who passed December 23, 2021 and

Nichole Marbley (nee Williams) 51. Silver attended the Cleveland Public school system through

elementary and middle school up until their family moved to Twinsburg, OH where she

graduated from R.B Chamberlain. After graduation Silver went to the University of Akron/Tri-C

to start a journey to become a Dialysis nurse.

After years of hardwork and dedication Silver achieved her dream and has been in the workforce

as a nurse for over 20 years working as a dialysis nurse at University Hospital and as a nurse for

a prison in Lorain, Ohio.

Silver was mother and ex-wife to Brittany Garcias and Ricardo Garcias. Silver was a beloved

grandmother to her daughter Brittany Garcias’ daughter Chloe Johnson and Brittany and Aaron

Agnew’s son Aaron Agnew Jr. and Brison Garcias who sadly passed away February 22, 2008.

Silver was a loving aunt to Nichole Marbley and her husband Derrick Marbley’s children:

Nicholette Marbley, Derrick D. Marbley, Nicholas Marbley, Elohcin Marbley, Lincoln Marbley,

Neolcin Marbley, Nohla Marbley, Acein Marbley and Ezra Marbley. Silver was also aunt to

Michael Williams who sadly passed August 12, 2008 and Michele Williams child Justin


Silver loved flowers, her family, and loved to shop at many different types of stores for hours.

Silver will truly be missed by her family, friends, and coworkers as well at University Hospital.

We love you so much Silver, we won’t forget your beautiful smile, laugh or wild sense of humor.

We will see you soon in Heaven with the Lord.

Thank you all for helping us get through this time of grieving, it means so much to us.

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