Sheri Clemmensen

Sheri Clemmensen

Sheri Clemmensen

Iowa City

The world lost a loved and loving person when Sheri Clemmensen passed away on Saturday March 16. She was 67. She is deeply missed. Sheri was born on March 7, 1957, to Milo and Dolores (Bruun) Clemmensen in Audubon Iowa. She was blessed with three brothers, Ross, Rex (Judy) of Iowa City, and Kirk of La Jolla, CA. She was preceded in death by Dolores, Milo, and Ross.

Sheri was a fun person with a great sense of humor. She attended Audubon schools graduating with the raucous Class of 1975. During high school she went to an Office Education conference and placed second in the nation in general office skills. She typed about 100 wpm which upset her brothers who typed around ten with ample errors. She had excellent handwriting like her mother.

As soon as she was old enough, she made extra money detasseling corn. While in high school she worked for Cramer Insurance. She took advantage of what she learned there and became an insurance agent in Iowa City. She was Hayden Fry’s insurance agent. Milo was especially tickled about that.

Sheri lived in Iowa City for about 45 years. For several years, she lived with her brother Rex. Sheri later moved to a job that better suited her love for the outdoors, working in the Parks and Recreation Department in Iowa City for several years before retiring. Sheri’s yard reflected her love of the outdoors as she had a lot of flowers and other plants.

Sheri loved animals, especially dogs. She asked that her ashes be spread along with the ashes of some of her pets. Max, a standard poodle that she rescued, was one of her favorites, along with Jackson Blue, Pippen, and Baxter Bruun. Max was exceptionally well trained and loved to wear a shirt collar and tie. Sheri often told the story about a Halloween when a young trick or treater insisted that Max was really a kid in a costume.

Sheri also loved biking, camping, and scuba diving. She rode several days of RAGBRAI. She and a good friend, Bob Tucker, went on many exotic trips. They went to Belize, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Japan, and other places for scuba diving & other adventures. Sheri was a dependable friend to people and animals. Her best friend was Jan Liggit. They could talk for hours.

Later in life, Sheri developed neuropathy in her feet which limited her ability to enjoy the outdoors. She watched a lot of westerns, tended her indoor and outdoor gardens, and read LOTS of books. Sheri appreciated her (stubborn) Danish heritage and decorated her home with many Danish pieces.

Sheri was quite giving. She contributed to many animal organizations, food pantries, Meals on Wheels, etc. She bequeathed generous contributions to organizations in her hometown of Audubon and also organizations in Iowa City. In lieu of contributions to Sheri’s family, please give to the sorts of organizations that were close to Sheri’s heart. She would ask that you be kind to your loved ones whether they be human or animal. There will be a Celebration of Life. Details are unknown at this time. Sheri requested that this verse from Revelations 21:4 be included. “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away”. Sheri may be physically gone but she will live on in the fond memories of her family and many friends.

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