Obituary: Thomas Atwood

Obituary: Thomas Atwood
Tomas Atwood

Noted downtown Carson City personality and raconteur Thomas (Tomas) Atwood passed away suddenly on February 17, 2023. He was born in Nashville, TN, September 19, 1945, and spent his high school years in Alameda, California in what he described as an idyllic 1950’s novella in the Bay Area.

He served in the U.S. army in Germany in the mid-sixties. Tom left his successful construction business in the Tahoe/Truckee area in the late nineties and moved to Carson City to regale the masses with his numerous tales of snow-packs, Arab horses and his beloved children.

Ever the quizmaster, Tom would constantly query all within earshot about how to say a perfectly good English word in Spanish, or Italian, or Portuguese. Most of us utterly failed these pop quizzes.

Tomas is survived by his son Jason (Annekarin) of Tahoe City, and daughter Amber of Palm Desert, Calif., as well as a sister Karen, and grandchildren Cody, Kyle and Elouise.

Tom will be fondly remembered by all of his “homies” for his good humor, as well as his love of cooking, travel and the blues. A celebration of life will be held at the Westside Pour House Monday, March 20, at 3:00PM. Rest in peace, “Holmes”.

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