Journi Lenay Thompkins

Journi  Lenay Thompkins

Hey everybody…. My name is Journi Lenay Thompkins. After today you’ll probably understand why Journi was such a fitting name for me. I was born on November 3, 2021 to LeTerrian Thompkins (my Daddy) and TaKara Hunter (my Mommy). I have a big brother named Tylan Thompkins (my Protector). You would have thought that my grandparents were my parents because they were so crazy about me. Lenora Hunter (my MiMi) would bling out all of my belongings. Troy Hunter (my PopPop) was always laughing at me and calling my name. Veora Thompkins (my MawMaw) liked to rock me and pat my bottom and Terrence Thompkins (my PawPaw) would jump up every time I would make a sound. Shirley DeLorch (my Great Grand), Tyeisha Greene (my Auntie), Chazz Thompkins, Marques Hunter (my Uncles) and a host of aunties, uncles, cousins, & Godparents all thought I was pretty special and cute as well. I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus in the womb and my Mommy and Daddy didn’t know what to expect, but they knew they wanted me so badly. So, it was decided that I would come early, but before I made my grand entrance, I decided to make my Mommy nauseous her entire pregnancy. I had a great sense of humor too! I always showed out during my ultrasound appointments. For example, they would try to get pictures of me, and I would turn my back and show them my buttocks or cover my private area with my hand when they tried to confirm my gender. I was even breech for a while. My parents and grandparents kept saying how strong and nosey I was. I guess because I had my first surgery at 2 days old and did quite well. I also blew that popsicle stand (the NICU) way before the doctors expected. I also started smiling and hitting milestones before they predicted too. Well, I didn’t like to sleep a lot (which drove my parents crazy) and I loved to look around. The morning after I was born, my Daddy came up to the NICU to see me at 6 a.m. and said I was the only baby awake and I was wide-eyed looking around. He even videotaped me taking my pacifier out of my mouth and pushing it back in that morning too. My MawMaw would say I sucked my pacifier like Baby Maggie on The Simpsons.

After only 13 days, I left that NICU because I wanted to get home—I had things to do and hearts to touch! My home care therapists were surprised and happy at how I kept reaching milestones ahead of my age. They were amazing too! Well, I definitely owe some of that credit to my clan. Mommy worked with me every single day and spoke only positive affirmations over me. She always treated me as if I didn’t have any conditions and took awesome care of me. My Daddy was the only one who could get me to settle down. He would say, “It’s ok, Journi Journ” and he would always sing to me- “J-O-U-R-N-I that spells Journi”, as if I could spell. But I loved it! My Big brother, Tylan would say, “Hey Joooourni” in his best baby voice and could get me to smile at him. MawMaw would tell me how strong I was and would sing, “You are my Sunshine”. I liked it although her voice wasn’t the greatest. MiMi would always say, “Hey Pretty Girl” and would rub my shoulders and hands until I fell asleep; she thought I was the cutest. My PawPaw must have known from the beginning how special I was because he would often mention how “God gave Journi to us”. My PopPop loved video chatting me to stare and tell me how cute I was. Unfortunately, I had an unexpected setback and had to be admitted into the hospital. I ended up having two surgeries. I fought so hard and long but decided that my assignment was complete, and my purpose was accomplished. I surrendered on December 29, 2021, surrounded by my favorite people. There were so many people praying for me, but God knew it was my time to transition to another place. It was time to receive my wings as one of His angels. The definition of journey is: an act of traveling from one place to another. A journey is a passage. I came from the Lord through my parents and back unto Him. So, yes, I, Journi Lenay Thompkins in a little less than 8 weeks completed my journey on earth and will continue my eternal passage. Be happy for me, not sad. Rejoice! Laugh and cherish my memories. Know that I am healed and at peace. Always know that I love you all.

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