Gale Guy-Perkins

Gale  Guy-Perkins

Gale “GiGi” Ellen Guy-Perkins was a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, and friend. Passed away on April 16, 2022 at the age of 69 after a courageous battle with cancer, surrounded by loved ones who will continue to honor her legacy by living their lives to the fullest.

She was born October 3rd, 1952 to Father Jeffrey Perkins Sr. and Mother Juanita Perkins. While attending Glenville High School she met her husband William “June” Peter Guy Jr. and was recognized for her amazing sense of style and fashion earning her best dressed. After graduating high school, they moved to Oakland, California where she gave birth to their only child Troy Terran Guy.

Gale embraced and cherished life in every way imaginable. She lived undaunted and unafraid of whatever she faced and more times than not she came out victorious. Her love and loyalty to her family and extended family was unparalleled, raw, and bottomless. It was the kind of love that in its honesty, at the same time could cut you to the bone, cauterize the wound and pull you up from the lowest of lows. Whether it be her dancing or her jokes she was always the life of the party, the person everyone was watching to see what she would do or say next. She was a friend to people of all walks of life from Stanford University alums to homeless that had none they gravitated to her like how the planets orbit the sun. The warmth of her soul was like the rays of the sun you could bask in them for lifetimes but fly to close and be burned by the heat. She was comfortable mingling with Lawyer, Doctors, and Politicians at President Obama’s inauguration and the next day hold court with some of the toughest criminals you would never want to meet because even they knew that compared to her flame, they were barely a match. Be it Gale, Gail, Gayle, GiGi, MA, Grandma, Lady G, Sister, Auntie it was all the same to know her was to love her and to know her was to know love itself. Her death was just like her life ICONIC her light never dimmed her smile never faded, her spirit never weakened, and she will never be forgotten.

Gale was proceeded in death by her Father Jeffrey Perkins Sr, Mother Juanita Perkins, Father-in-law William Peter Guy Sr, Mother-in-law Joanna Guy, Husband William Peter Guy Jr, Aunt Mildred Jones, and Brother Ronald Perkins. Gale’s legacy lives on in her Son Troy Guy, Daughter-in-law La Toya Williams, Granddaughters: Briannah (butter) Kalise Guy and Faith Marie Jones, Aunt Mary “Mae” Quarles Sisters: Carol Ann Treadwell, Andreia Perkins, Patricia Gooden, Brothers: Dr. Jeffrey Perkins Jr, Patrick Perkins, Partner in life for over 25 years Lincoln Wynn, numerous nieces/nephews, brother/sister in-laws, and friends.

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