Gabriel Sifuentes

Gabriel Sifuentes

Gabriel Sifuentes


Gabe was the youngest child of three. Born to parents Robert Sifuentes and Paula Stourac. Both parents were in the Army and traveled frequently. Gabe was born in Manheim, Heidelberg, Germany, in 1980.

As a young child Gabe loved to tell stories, which would later become one of his life passions. He started writing for the school newspaper in Belle Plaine and that led him to doing correspondence for the Iowa Hawkeyes basketball teams. By the time he was in junior high, he had written at least three books.

He decided then to go back to school at Warren Wilson college and got a Bachelor’s degree in creative

writing. The following year he decided to obtain a Master’s degree in his other passion, Divinity. Gabe was extremely intelligent and even had a photographic memory.

There are so many things that Gabe did in life that would take up the whole page. Gabe would help anybody who needed it. To me he was an angel on earth and now he has his wings.

I also wanted to personally thank Joe, Lisa and Jeremiah for your amazing friendship with Gabe. He felt like a part of your family, so thank you.

Gabe is survived by his mother Paula, sister Deanna and brother Tony, and so many loved ones. He is preceded by his father Robert I and brother Robert II. There will be a celebration of life soon where family and friends are invited. You can get a hold of me on Facebook, Deanna Sifuentes, for details.

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