Fadae Lasean Dale

Fadae Lasean Dale

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  1. Tee says:

    My guy I wish we could some how be connected still throughout this journey of life, I have no sorrow to spill simply because you were full of love in our life . Like many u held your pain in,
    I just wished we Were both on the same time to vent to me and let me understand May you Rest In Peace cuz may our memories Always live through me Love you fd22

  2. nicole glover says:

    my dear nephew i miss u so much your smile the love u gave to others make me so proud to be your aunt and i will see u again love u my peanut butter

  3. ❤️ says:

    I googled your name randomly, & this came up.

    I miss you so much, still. I talk to you all the time with hopes that you’ll hear me. You still exist to me, you know. I love you so much. There really are no words — maybe this is part of grief. All I know is that I miss you everyday.

  4. Wanda♥️ says:

    I really miss you more than any words can describe. I think about you everyday, I read our messages and watch our videos and look at our pictures all the time. I still wear your jackets and shirts and I still have your keychain. I wish you could have gotten the help you needed from family and friends and I hope you are at peace now. Always and Forever 💞

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