Denise Allen-Ziyad

Denise  Allen-Ziyad

In Loving Grace
Denise Allen-Ziyad

Early Rise: August 8, 2021
Evening Sunset: October 9, 2021

Denise Allen-Ziyad shared her last moments surrounded by those who loved her—and by those she loved most; her children:
Delmecia Allen-Long, Sonya Allen, Jonas Allen, Ashml Allen; Rasheed Ziyad, Tauheedah Ziyad, and David Ziyad; 18 grandchildren were blessed to have experienced a love that was immeasurable; 7 sisters, all sharing their own unique closeness; one great grandchild, who will be told stories of strength, character and resilience; cousins, nieces and nephews, who fully understand that time will never pass the same; without her presence.

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