Daniel Roy Lenoch

Daniel Roy Lenoch

Daniel Roy Lenoch

North Liberty

Dan the man is dead. So it goes. Daniel Roy Lenoch died on Dec. 10, 2023, after a brief illness.

His greatest accomplishment in life was living a life of contentment. Rarely did he show anxiety, frustration, anger, or sadness. As a friend, son, brother, father, and- of course- an uncle, his greatest advice was simply “don’t worry about it.”

The eldest of nine children, he was raised in old Coralville by Leroy and Mary Ann among the love and chatter and chaos of a small, wonderfully unique Leroyian house. He graduated from City High in 1965 and enlisted in the Navy in ’67. Eye problems (that sparkle) resulted in an early honorable discharge. He never served in Vietnam like so many of his generation and background, and out of respect to them, he did not consider himself a veteran.

He married and had two sons with Deborah née Chistensen (later divorced but remained life-long friends and co-parents). He worked as a laundry service driver for 40 years out of Cedar Rapids. On his route, he met lots of working people and, like a true Iowan, was easy to like and to talk to. After retirement he just kept working, driving a shuttle van for a car dealer and– until a few weeks ago– a retirement community. Throughout his life, he was a gifted conversationalist, who met people with ease and enjoyed the company of others.

As the years rolled on, he became a proud grandfather of four. He traveled here and there, mostly with his parents and siblings, eventually spending quality time with kids and grandkids out west and back east. He drove SAG on a few RAGBRAIs, including a big F 350 diesel (accidently) on the bike route a few miles. It happens. Don’t worry about it.

In his younger days he played a bit of basketball, volleyball and golf. He was a Hawkeye football fan (a season ticket holder in peak Fry days). Donny was a good bowler. Sorry, we mean Danny was a good bowler. He was a Coral Lanes Friday night leaguer for decades. Later in life his exercise focused on arm wrestling the one-armed bandit.

Baseball was his main sport. A Cardinals fan, but as he matured and gained wisdom, he seemed to be more of a Cubs fan. The last MLB game he went to was the first ever played in Iowa at the field of dreams, a wonderful gift from his nephew-in-law Justin.

His wise cracks, self-deprecating humor, and smile often lit up a room. He treated people with dignity and respect. He asked you questions and listened attentively. And his blood flowed to those in need. He made over 370 donations to the UI DeGowin Blood Center, mostly platelets, from 1987 to this year. He was a committed, reliable, and content donor of the very thing that gives us life.

As time took its toll, Dan’s physical ability became limited. He spent a short time in the hospital and rehab and died calmly on a bright Sunday morning. Upon hearing he died, Dan’s 8-year-old granddaughter paused and asked, “was it peaceful?” We believe it was. He was a good man, and he will be missed.

Dan was preceded in death by mother, Mary Ann (2001), brothers: Johnny (1974) and Dave “Suds” (2004); father, Leroy (2012) and sisters: Vicki (2014) and Cindy (2016). He is survived by his two sons: Torey (son, Lucas, 21 and daughter, Clara, 24) and Tim (wife, Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch, daughter, Zora, 8 and son Miles, 4). Additionally, he is survived by his sister, Jeanne Stubbs and brothers: Steve (Geri), Doug (Mary) and Jay (Marlene) as well as numerous nephews and nieces–and grand-nieces and grand-nephews– who knew him as Uncle Dan, their bud.

A celebration of Dan’s life will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 22, 2023, at Lensing’s Oak Hill in Coralville. This event is casual, kid-friendly and food will be provided.

In lieu of flowers, we ask you to give your blood to help save lives. If you can make it to DeGowin, tell them Dan sent you. And we ask you to eat a bit healthier, exercise a bit more, and smile for Dan.

And may we always do the Lenoch linger…..

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