Colette Janisch

Colette Janisch

Colette Janisch

Cedar Rapids

After a life filled with unwavering love for all living beings and a passion for nature’s wonders, Colette Janisch, age 72, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, passed away on February 12, 2024.

Colette had a zest for life and a deep passion for gardening, greyhound adoption, and rock collecting. Her green thumb transformed gardens into vibrant sanctuaries of beauty and tranquility, where flowers bloomed in a kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances. She found solace and inspiration in the earth’s natural wonders, spending countless hours tending to her garden beds, and scouring the countryside for unique rocks and gemstones. Her keen eye and appreciation for nature’s treasures were reflected in the exquisite landscapes she cultivated. In addition to her love for gardening and rock collecting, Colette was a dedicated advocate for animals, particularly greyhounds. She managed a greyhound rescue with boundless compassion and unwavering dedication, providing a safe haven for these majestic creatures and ensuring they found loving forever homes. Her commitment to animal welfare touched the lives of countless greyhounds and brought joy to families throughout the community.

Beyond her beloved hobbies and animal advocacy work, Colette was known for her kind and compassionate spirit, which touched the lives of many. She forged lasting friendships with fellow gardening enthusiasts and rock collectors, sharing her knowledge, experiences, and laughter along the way. Her generosity knew no bounds, as she freely shared the bounty of her garden and the gems of her collection with others, spreading joy and happiness wherever she went.

Colette’s legacy of love and friendship lives on in the hearts of her surviving family members; brothers, Tim (Cherilyn), Charles (Carrie), Troy (Carol); grandchildren, Christopher, Matthew, Michael, Chase, and Cole, Phoebe and Chloe; sister, Sherrie; nieces, Starla and Lindsay; along with their spouses and children.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Howard and Eunice Janisch; her brothers, Howard Jr. Janisch and Tom Janisch; and her sister, Heidi Techau.

Colette will be forever remembered for her boundless enthusiasm, unwavering generosity, and the beauty she brought into the world through her passions.

A Garden Party Celebration of Colette’s life will be held on Saturday, May 4, at 1023 Memorial Drive SE, Cedar Rapids, at 11:00 a.m. It will be followed by an opportunity for individuals to purchase plants and garden decor to remember her by.

A Memorial Celebration of Colette for friends and family will be held on Saturday, June 1, in Shelter 4, at Token Creek County Park, at 11:00 a.m. Casual dress and well -behaved pets encouraged. Food will be provided after a short service.

Colette’s memory will continue to bloom in the gardens she tended, the rocks she cherished, and the hearts of the animals she rescued, forever reminding us of the beauty, compassion, and kindness that she brought into our lives.

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