Cody John Parrott

Cody John Parrott

Cody John Parrott

Iowa City

Cody John Parrott, 41, died by suicide Monday, June 24, in lowa City.

Cody was born April 27, 1983, the son of Dr. Dick and Loni Parrott. He was a 2001 graduate of City High School, and a 2005 graduate of Grinnell College.

Cody was a born writer, churning out three novels when he was 16, and continuing to write through college as an English major. He loved writing fantasy novels where he would build new worlds and people them with fantastic civilizations. His imagination was endless. Surely, he would end up a published author or an astute college professor teaching English.

During his first year at Grinnell, Cody was called home unexpectedly when his father died by suicide.

He was able to have three good college years, but his mental health broke down his senior year. His world became a terrifying place, and he was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. He had panic attacks. He saw psychiatrists, took psych meds, had many different treatments over 20 years. He succumbed to severe depression.

Cody loved playing video games, beginning with ‘Pac-Man’ as a little boy. He loved watching and critiquing movies, playing games with his Virtual Reality headset, and spending time with old high school friends.

Cody is survived by his mother, his brother, Brady, and his Aunt, Sue Moss, of Des Moines.

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