Barbara Jean Lewis

Barbara Jean Lewis

Barbara Jean Lewis, born on December 4, 1930, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, passed away leaving a legacy of love, dedication, and inspiration. She was the beloved daughter of John Curtis and Milria Bell, and the devoted wife of the late Andrew J. Lewis.

Barbara’s life was a tapestry woven with threads of passion and perseverance. She was a dedicated beautician, bringing beauty and confidence to many through her skilled hands. Yet, her talents extended far beyond the world of cosmetology. Barbara was a trailblazing woman in STEM, contributing her expertise and innovative spirit to the Rand Development Lab in Bratenahl, Ohio, where she worked for ten years. Her work there was a testament to her intellect and determination, breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations of women in science and technology.

Barbara also possessed an entrepreneurial spirit that shone brightly through her successful ventures in real estate. In partnership with her loving husband, Andrew, she managed over 70 self-owned properties. Their collaboration was a testament to their shared vision and dedication, creating a substantial and lasting impact in their community.

Barbara’s interests were as vibrant and diverse as she was. She had a deep love for jazz music, finding joy and solace in its rhythms and melodies. She was an avid traveler, always eager to explore new places and cultures, enriching her life with each journey. Her favorite travel destination was Israel, where she found a profound connection with God, elevating her spiritual journey to new heights.

Above all, Barbara cherished her time with her family. Her home was a haven of warmth and love, where countless memories were made and cherished. Barbara is survived by her loving children: her daughter Denise Lewis, and her sons Lionel Lewis and Lawrence Lewis. She was a proud grandmother to Amber Lewis, David Lewis, and AJ Lewis, who brought immense joy to her life. Her legacy of love and kindness also extends to a host of nieces, nephews, and friends, all of whom were touched by her gentle spirit and generous heart.

Barbara Jean Lewis’ life was a beautiful symphony of love, dedication, and joy. She will be deeply missed, but her spirit will continue to inspire and uplift all who had the privilege of knowing her. May her memory be a blessing to all whose lives she touched.

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