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When is it okay to skip a funeral?

Is it ok to skip a funeral or is that something you never want to do? The truth is that you can find a variety of religious funeral customs all over the world. Each region has their own beliefs, ideas and even habits on how you need to attend a funeral, how you need to […]
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What to Expect When Attending a Catholic funeral

Do you have a Catholic funeral to attend? Are you wondering about the traditions that are observed or the etiquette that must be followed at a Catholic funeral service? We put together this guide to help you be prepared and know what to expect at a Catholic funeral service to best pay your respects.  What […]
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What to Expect When Attending a Muslim Funeral

Are you attending a Muslim funeral and want to know the basics of the traditions and etiquette that is typically observed so you can properly show your support? Perhaps, you would like to pay your due respects to a Muslim friend but are worried about abiding by a specific tradition or confused about simply what […]
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