Marcel-DeAntoine Arik Martin

Marcel-DeAntoine Arik Martin

Marcel-Deantoine Arik Martin, 17, of Cleveland, Ohio died on Thursday October 5, 2023. Marcel (Dooda) was born to LaTonya Elise Adams and Kevin Deantoine Martin on September 7, 2006. Dooda’s early life was full of excitement being the first born of a young couple with lots of friends and a large family. Dooda was mischevious, yet reserved and very observant.

On October 18, 2009, at the young age of 3, Dooda’s father Kevin (Buddy) was shot died of his injuries, leaving LaTonya 9 months pregnant and traumatized. Dooda’s sister Kelise was born two weeks later.  Following this difficult time Dooda’s care was entrusted to his paternal grandmother Marcia Martin. A few years later LaTonya married his step father Johnny Waller from which Dooda gained a second sister, Jahnae.

Dooda played football for the Titans, and he loved playing basketball. He was extremely smart and loved to try new things. Dooda spent his summers and most holidays in Mississippi with his Pawpaw Kevin and Nanna Portia. His Pawpaw taught him fishing, hunting and landscaping. His Nanna taught him the craft of upholstering and they created beautiful things together. He helped his Mama Marcia with DIY projects such as drywalling, painting, and household repairs. Yes, he was becoming a young jack of all trades.

Dooda was a hard worker and often said he would be rich. He began working for himself by cutting grass and doing light landscaping, he was proud to make his own money. Since the age of 13, Dooda kept a job.

Transitioning into a young man Dooda met and fell in love with his girlfriend Xaria. He loved making plans and experiencing new things. Dooda loved being a big brother, he loved his sisters, he loved his family. He often initiated phone calls and visits, and he kept tabs on everybody. Dooda didn’t have a brother from his parents but he had his Uncle Q (Marquis). They were 9 months apart and grew up together as brothers do, fussing, competing, and annoying each other. They were as different as night and day but they were together.

Dooda was a senior at Glenville High School and was in the process of selecting colleges with intentions on becoming a traveling nurse, he wanted to go where the money was and see different places. The week before his death, Dooda became a licensed driver and was actively persuing the purchase of his first car.

Dooda leaves to mourn him, his mother LaTonya (Johnny) Waller, sisters Kelise and Jahnae, grandparents Marcia Martin, Kevin Martin (Portia), Edward Parker, Thomas Rankins and a host of aunts, uncles and cousins.

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