Sylvia Jean Barsotti

Sylvia Jean (Kuharyk) Barsotti, passed away October 19th, 2021, of Covid 19 and other complications. Sylvia and her husband John P. Barsotti had been married for 57 years and were very rarely apart. As a couple they traveled quite a bit early on in their marriage, ranging from Hawaii to Italy, and tried their hand at real estate investment. Sylvia loved to shop, decorate, read, and play bridge, at which she was very, very good, and played in high competition level.

Sylvia Jean Kuharyk was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and met her husband John while studying at Youngstown State University. They were married at John’s [arents home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1964. Moving to Cleveland, she had an expansive career in teaching young children in the school system of Cleveland, Ohio while her husband served as a VP of Manufacturers’ Hanover Trust Bank. Sylvia was extremely engaged with her children and many projects before her retirement and the move to beautiful Hendersonville,

Living in Hendersonville for many years, Sylvia took visitors and family on tours of farmers’ markets and craft shops in the region. Sylvia was familiar with the history of all of the points-of-interest and was forever educating her guests. Sylvia was a life-long advocate of healthy foods and healthy eating.

She had many friends both in Hendersonville and back in Cleveland area where she spent her career as a grade schoolteacher. Interestingly, she was so enthusiastic about her children that she spent tons of money on extra teaching and art supplies, much of which ended up moving to North Carolina with them. Sylvia is survived by her husband John, beloved pup, a sister-in-law Victoria Satterthwaite, and two nieces, Wyn Alexandra Furman and Wallis Elizabeth Hamilton. There are no plans for memorial services or interment at this time.

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