Obituary: Sue Alice Cook

Obituary: Sue Alice Cook

Sue Alice Cook born Oak park IL on September 9th 1941- February 13, 2021.
The only child of Arthur W. and Virginia M. Tesmer.

Sue attended Arizona State University, where she met the love of her life Samuel T. Cook.

She graduated in 1964 with a degree in Interior Design.

Sue often remarked that the hardest test she ever took was for the designation of (ASID) American Society of Interior designers.

She was very proud of that accomplishment and at that time was one of only 4 in the State of Nevada.

“She was the most friendly person we think we have ever known in the almost 50 years we have known her. We would go out to dinner with her and she would know everybody” in the place before we left. She was also a second mother to both of our boys”. And lots of others too.” – Nancy and Skipper Wall

“I feel both blessed and privileged to have had the honor of calling Sue my friend. Sue & I shared many similar interests, including shopping, watching HGTV, and decorating (besides knowing Sam well, who employed me for 19 years of my life). I am lucky and can honestly say that there is not a corner of my house (or my heart, for that matter) that Sue did not touch, literally. If she did not pick it out, she either gave it to us, painted it, or bought it. And shopping with Sue was an adventure, indeed. She would talk to the store owners, employees, and restaurant waiters, and by the time we would leave would know where they were born, raised, and educated. When Sue was in the room, you knew it. She taught me so much, such as what a chevron pattern was all the way down to the importance of a dove-tail drawer. And you can bet she would quiz me on that, too. Sue was like a mother to me (and Kevin), and she will forever be in our hearts. I always will cherish the wonderful memories I made with Sue. Love you forever, Mama Sue. The world has truly lost a beautiful soul.” – Karen McKinney and Kevin Wall

Fondly remembered by our family as Maid Marion on many of our 2 week skiing vacations. – Charlie Tingler

“Sue cared about people. She cared about her community. When I first met Sue, we were doing physical exercise at Silver State Fitness…but it was the mental exercise, the emotional bonds that made Sue special. What better way to develop those bonds than over lunch to negate all of that physical exercise. Wherever we met at the gym, at the dining table or at her table for exquisite parties, one thing was obvious, Sue cared. And to me, It always seemed that Sue’s creative gifts were a visible example of caring. Only someone who cared could create environments so pleasing. In her personal connections with others, she knew what was appropriate. Sue listened, conversed and observed with a caring heart. Her gifts gave style, design and expression to what developed in that caring heart. So while we grieve the physical loss, Sue’s spirit of sharing and caring will remain with us forever. It is her eternal gift to all who knew her.” – Mary Beth Swope

“My friend, we shared the laughter-then came the tears. You were a gift to me for 43 years.” – Pat Cattell

“A wrong phone number started our friendship. I wanted Sue to be involved with a Carson City Historical Society project. When the correct telephone number was dialed, Sue was most gracious. Sue helped whenever she could and was involved in the restoration of the Foreman- Roberts house from the very beginning. Being a licensed interior decorator, the F-R house had age appropriate Victorian wallpaper from one of Americas leading wallpaper companies. After the F-R fires, Sue again selected appropriate wallpaper. She actively was involved in selecting blinds and lights for the Carriage House.
We enjoyed our friendship with luncheons, phone calls and attending events we had in common. Sue will be missed-and –remembered –by many people. Our love to Sue, Sam and Chris.” – Paula Cannon

“Sue was a light in my life. She taught me how to Iron without “flagging,” about ”double rubs” and that ANY color, pattern, or piece of furniture WILL match her favorite Waverly floral pattern! She Liked to reminisce about the uncooked rice in Virginia’s soup getting stuck in my braces and how they would cause static in the radio of Chris’s Camaro. She was grace she was elegance she was kind. She didn’t have to be like a mom to me, but she was.” – Kaylie Rooker

“Some of my favorite things in life have been influenced in life have been influenced in life by Sue and her parents. Both only children, I was often invited along on family vacations. They introduced me to the beaches of southern California and a taste for fine dining. These were the experiences I would not have had but for their generosity. Decades later these are not only memories but something I continue to do whenever possible. In recent years Sue’s visits to phoenix provided not only time to reminisce but to create some new memories. I am so thankful for growing up as Sue’s surrogate sister in a lifelong friend.” – Sandy Starkins

“I cannot even imagine what my life would be without having Sam, Sue, Chris and Grandpa Cook (GC) in it. From the time that I met them in 1980 up until Sue’s passing, I could not have been more fortunate. Sue often referred to me as her surrogate son, often saying “thank God for Jedley”, but to me she was much more. Great friends that would never give you any advice, unless you asked for it. Helping me choose colors, designs and layouts on 5 different residences and 2 commercial offices, Sue was an highly accomplished professional. I often called her the food doctor, she could make anything taste great. Always welcoming more than one invited guest at any given time. Remembering her phrases such as “O’Shit”, “Isn’t that special” to “Huey Dewey and Louie get the football” she always had a humorous story. I will miss the entire family, that gave me so much more then I could have ever asked for, or even imagined. I will be eternally grateful.” – Love Jedley Lamar

Special thanks to all that shared their kind words and memories.

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