Michael Allen Robinson

Michael Allen Robinson

Michael Allen Robinson age 61, passed away on September 1, 2021, due to cancer.  Michael was born to William and Judith Lessley-Robinson.in Encino California. The youngest of three children, he grew up in the San Fernando Valley. He played baseball with his older brother and signed on with the San Francisco Giants minor team in 1983. He was called into the ministry a year later, at a Seven Eleven Store in California by a street evangelist.  This started his journey in studying Christianity and Hebrew.  His goal became equipping Christians in defending Christianity and win the lost with truth and love.


Mike leaves behind his loving wife Donna of 35 years, Their 4 children, Cassandra, William, Briana, and Isaiah, his sister Leslie and many Nieces and Nephews. He was preceded in death by his father, mother, and brother Billy.



Mike and Donna were married in Simi Valley California in 1986. While living there, Mike received his degree as a Certified Nutritionist and continued his studies in Biblical Theology.  Health and nutrition were important to Mike, He lifted weights daily and focused on diet, nutrition, and exercise throughout his whole life.


In 1988 Mike and his wife Donna moved to Maui Hawaii.  They lived on Maui for 6 years. Their first two children were born there. Mike sold Real Estate and continued his education studying Biblical Theology. He Witnessed to hundreds of people on the beaches of Maui and also on the college campus in Kahului.  Mike witnessed and led many people to the Lord. This is where he felt God’s calling on his life to become a Pastor.


In 1993 Mike wanted to start a Church Ministry in a Larger city so they moved to Las Vegas Nevada, where their last two children were born.  Mike was the Pastor of Abundant Life Church in Las Vegas for over 17 Years. He discipled members of the congregation in apologetics and taught them the fundamentals of defending their faith. Mike went to College Campuses in Las Vegas, Utah, Idaho, and Montana to preach the gospel and share the love of Jesus to hundreds of people.


In 1998 while witnessing, Mike and four other men were arrested for handing out religious leaflets on Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Mike and the others were arrested, handcuffed and hauled away in a van. They were strip searched, booked and jailed for over 24 hours. They were charged with “Pedestrian interference” and held on bail. The ACLU agreed to defended him.


Nothing in life could ever stop Mike from Preaching, teaching, witnessing, or writing. His Love for Jesus and desire to share the Gospel compelled him to live his life to do all these things and so much more.


In 2012 Mike and his family moved to Granbury Texas and Mike continued his calling as a Pastor at Abundant Life Church. While preaching and teaching full time, he also authored over 30 books on Apologetics, Cults and other religions which are still available today.

He preached and taught hundreds of sermons on You Tube.

He also hosted a Christian talk show, on Cross and Crown Radio. Both ministries are recorded and can be viewed at any time. His knowledge, teaching and Preaching was extraordinary. He was a man after God’s own heart.  His teaching and love for Jesus touched and changed thousands of lives. He was an example of Christ as he preached at Abundant Life Church until two weeks before his death.

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