Melba Jeannie Beavers

Melba  Jeannie  Beavers

Melba was born and raised in Eustace, Texas until the age of 7 years.   She moved to Dallas, Texas for a for a few years where she frequented the local library and began a life-long love of books.  Her family then moved to the Irving, Texas area where she lived until the age of 30.   Melba attended Irving High School where she was a Cheer Leader and Majorette.  She married her High School sweetheart, Jay Vadon Beavers.  They had 3 daughters, Paula, Vadonna, and Laura.  She and her family then moved to Bedford for the next 40 years.  During this time, Melba attended Tarrant County Junior College where she took many courses, mainly in the arts.  She greatly admired the French Impressionist painters and decorated her home with many of their works.

During this time, she also completely renovated her home, and then bought the house next door and completely renovated it.

Melba and Jay then move to Pecan Plantation where another renovation took place.  Melba’s other passion was health and fitness.  She was very careful about her vitamins, food, and supplements.  She was also an avid physical fitness person.  She would often work out for several hours.  Melba was the picture of health.

Then Alzheimer’s stuck.  She was examined my many expert doctors to no avail.  Melba got progressively worse over several years.  It was heart breaking to watch.

Melba is survived by 3 daughters; 5 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; and by numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

Melba was entombed at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Irving, Texas on March 18, 2023.

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