James Edward Weems

James Edward Weems

James Weems was born July 23, 1941, in Abbeville, Alabama, to JB Weems and Susie Mae Lee.

He was the sibling of Fred Weems (deceased), Robert Weems (deceased), James Kelly, Lillie Mae Bell (deceased) Mavis Bell, Laura Young, Anna Harrell, Geraldine Blair, and Robbie Rush.

He was raised on a farm and learned many skills as a child. He later migrated to Cleveland, Ohio, where he became a cook for KFC. He was drafted to Vietnam and served as a sergeant for his country. After returning home from the Army he worked many years at General Motors where he eventually retired.

James married his wife, Loretta Weems, on July 25 of 1968. They had an undeniable love for 54 years that others describe as “pure” and say they were inseparable. They shared two children that they loved dearly, Vincent and Susan. James was a huge family man; he adored his wife and children, and the rest of his family had a special place in his heart. James loved the Lord; he was a longtime member of SEUCC.

James will be missed dearly by his grandchildren: Kierra Weems, Brittany Holloway, Nevahda Weems, Ja’Nay Weems, Eloni McClain, Cheyenne McClain, and joining his grandson Christian Dickerson in heaven. He will also be missed and celebrated by many nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, family, and everyone who crossed his path. He was the life of the party, a light worker, one in a million. He had the ability to make everyone feel loved and special. He took many people under his wing and gave many people the guidance they needed when they thought all was lost. He was a dependable man with a big heart, straight-forward, giving, and humorous. He was loved and adored by many.

James was a huge pillar of his family. He enjoyed entertaining and his love language was quality time. He loved fishing, sports, going to the race track, cooking, grilling, and travel.

James will be remembered as a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend, and neighbor. His lighthearted spirit and enormous heart will be his legacy.

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