Club Q shooting victim: Raymond Green Vance, 22, leaves behind girlfriend, loved ones after mass shooting

Club Q shooting victim: Raymond Green Vance, 22, leaves behind girlfriend, loved ones after mass shooting

Raymond Green Vance, a 22-year-old Colorado Springs resident, leaves behind mourning loved ones following his murder.

The Colorado Springs Police Department confirmed that he was among the five victims killed on Saturday night at Club Q in Colorado Springs by a gunman, who shot patrons and employees at the LGBTQ+ nightclub just before midnight. At least 18 others were wounded.

It was Vance’s first time at the club, according to a news release by his family. He doesn’t identify as LGBTQ+, but as an ally.

Raymond Green Vance. (Courtesy of Colorado Springs Police Department)
Raymond Green Vance. (Courtesy of Colorado Springs Police Department)

“Unfortunately, he never left the club,” they said in a statement through media liaison Joanna Small.

They described Vance — a son, grandson, brother, nephew and cousin — as “a kind, selfless young adult with his entire life ahead of him.”

Born in Chicago before spending “his entire life” in Colorado Springs, Vance graduated from Sand Creek High School in 2018.

His mother remembers him as “a popular, well-liked young man who never got into any trouble and had plenty of friends.”

A video game enthusiast, Vance eventually hoped to turn his passion into an online career. Recently, he secured a job at a Colorado Springs FedEx distribution center. He aimed to save money for an apartment, but lived with his mother and younger brother in the meantime.

“His absence will leave irreparable heartbreak in countless lives,” the family said. “Raymond will be missed unbearably.”

Kassy Fierro, Green’s girlfriend, wrote several Facebook posts on Monday memorializing him, noting that the two were together for five years and four months. “my sweet baby. ill never be able to heal from this.”

She described him as “the brightest light” of a man who smiled and laughed often.

“I’ve never experienced an active shooting,” she wrote in a separate post. She wrote that she broke her knee, caused “from slipping while running away.”

Colorado Springs’ Atrevida Beer Co., which is owned by her parents Richard and Jessica Fierro, also posted a statement on Facebook, detailing that family members and friends were celebrating a birthday Saturday night at Club Q when the mass shooting occurred.

“Our best friends were both shot multiple times,” according to the post. Identifying Vance as the boyfriend of the Fierros’ daughter, it adds, “With an incredibly heavy and broken heart we lost Raymond, who had been a part of our lives since our daughter was in high school.”

Richard Fierro was one of two people to stop the shooter, alongside Thomas James, Colorado Springs Police Chief Adrian Vasquez said during a Monday news conference.

Denver Post reporter Shelly Bradbury contributed to this developing story.

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