Celebration Of Life For Charles Fehr

Celebration Of Life For Charles Fehr

To all the people whom know this incredible Man, we will be have a Celebration of Life at Joeys Bar in Dayton, Nev., on the 17th of April. On this day what was 81 years ago this Man was born in Upstate New York. Through out his amazing life journey, he was in the Army, then became a truck driver, amongst many more things he had accomplished in his life the most important was after retirement.

He dedicated 15 or so years to helping out the needed family’s in our community, helping with the transporting of food back and forth from place to place for it to be delivered back where it came, Charles was there. If he wasn’t transporting he was helping out with hand out boxes and boxes of food.

Making many friends along the way. then those of you whom didn’t meet him at the pantry you most likely meet him at what became his home away from him the pioneer casino. where he spent a lot of his time, eating dinner and meeting new friends he would chit chat with you no matter if he knew you or not. if you sat next to him he would say something.

Usually something funny. He always had a big huge smile on his face to match his huge and kind heart. He was loving and we will miss him every day.

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